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Rosegate Investments Headquarters
Hartizsák and Furby Island

Morning, Saturday 22 June 2024

Written in collaboration with The United-kingdom of Oceania

Rosegate, or Rose Street, is as busy as it is at any other day of the week as people walk around or stop at the many shops and restaurants on the first floors of the skyscrapers along it. Some ground floors are full, but the offices above are empty, and the headquarters of Rosegate Investments is no different. A branch of Rosegate Bank, a small commercial bank used mainly by employees of the company's many subsidiaries, sat on the first floor, while another door led to the skyscraper lobby.

Nazario Santoro is a security officer at the Oceanian Banking Union (OBU) - the association regrouping the most prominent banking families of the Oceanian Kingdom, posing a sales representative from an Oceanian company called Falconiere. He entered the lobby and told the secretary he had a meeting to attend to. After his identity was verified, he was guided to an elevator that led him directly to the top floor of a building. There, he was led to a conference room.

Floris Hutters, the CEO of the company, sat at the head of the table there. Also president was chief investment officer Joris van de Haar, chief financial officer Thomas Feuerstein, executive president of industry and manufacturing Raymond Atkinson, and general counsel Elizabeth Nesselrode, who all sat to Hutters' right. To his left sat Robert McCorley, another executive vice who heads the Project Grizzly committee, chief audit executive Thomas Hawat, executive vice president of marketing research Robert Halleck, and chief security officer Duncan Montana. A single empty seat sat across from Montana.

"Mr. Santoro, glad you can make it." said Hutters seeing the guest enter.

Nazario walked to Hutters and shook his hand. He turned to the rest of Hutters' staff present in the room and nodded to them. With olive skin, black hair and blue eyes, he looked like an average Oceanian. In reality, he was a veteran of Army where he worked as an intelligence officer for the Military Secret Services (SSM).

Nazario took a seat in front of Duncan Montana. As he sat down, he began to talk to Hutters and his staff. "Mr. Hutters, on behalf of the OBU, and the Sacco and Paccini families (Novians), I would like to thank you for granting this meeting." he said while placing his coat on the chair, "Although, I am sure we share the common understanding that we are not here to talk about VilhelmAir… nor about the incident.".

He then pulled out a pile of documents – all copies of long reports from the SSM and OBU Security, all sharing the same subject: the Luyran war.

"Altough, I am not here on pleasant business I fear," he pulled out a pen and put on his reading glasses, "On the 8th of June an event occurred in Lyura… the state of affairs in the Archipelago leads the Banking families to inquire about the advancement of Project Grizzly.".

Nazario looks at Hutters, "The Banking families, as does the Sacco and Paccini families, are curious to know if the production of weapons will finally begin this quarter… is the project going smoothly on tracks or did it derailed?".

Halleck carefully took a few notes in his notebook. As he suspected, and planned, intelligence agents from New Money families did learn of the details of Project Grizzly, but only reported the most basic detail to their Oceanian allies, enough to paint Hutters as a threat needed to be stopped.

McCorley meanwhile looked at Hutters, who nodded. "We have been ready to produce weapons for some time now." he said, "What we are missing is a production facility and a market.".

Nazario looked at Hutters. "Mr. Hutters, the OBU will gladly offer the opportunity to your firm to set up a supply and production chain in the heart of the conflict… right in the Lyuran Archipelago.".

He then looked at Halleck. Halleck reminded him of his own commanding officer back when he was in the SSM – always assessing the situation.

His eyes turned back once again to Hutters, "What the OBU want is plausible deniability, to avoid the trigger of Chapter 34.".

Chapter 34 is a section of the 1951 Act of Union – a royal power that made the vengeance of the crown a deterrent. When "Treason" and "Crimes against the Crown" are committed, the Rex can revoke the privileges of a House and seize their fortunes. Such crimes are punishable by crucifixion. However the Chapter was written when the Civilian Government was just a collection of incompetent civil servants. Many doubt that Chapter 34 could be invoked today, without risking general warfare.

Nazario took out photographs from his briefcase. The photographs depicted the former Duke and duch*ess of the House of Salvatia crucified. He gave them to Hutters. "This is for your eyes and yours only… there are consequences in doing business with us, either you are all-in or you stay out. If one of your operatives or employees is caught in Luyra by the Guild, or the Ezhtenkers, they will end up like their graces.". he said, warning Hutters.

Hutters put on his own glasses as he looked over the documents given by Nazario. He then looked at the photographs. The entire group at the table did the same, then all looked at Nesselrode waiting a response from her. She is famous for being a contrarian in these meetings, though it is her job after all.

Nesselrode noticed and said "Everyone is expecting me to say why this is a bad idea." and laughed, then continued "You already did my job for me though. Truth is we could establish plausible deniability ourselves with a network of anonymous shell companies, and keep all but the staff strictly necessary for operating the factory in the United Cities, but this all would require a parallel chain of command to our existing one in Oceania.".

Hutters looked at her and nodded, then turned to Nazario again, and said "Lyuran Archipelago, you say? Would that not come with a large number of risks, with the ongoing conflict?".

Nazario smirked, "There's no such thing as safe growth in our line of business. The contract is simple, you produce the weapons, you get the weapons in and you profit.".

He took his glasses off and cleaned them, before continuing, "Of course, it's not only that… we need aircraft technicians that can maintain the 'rebel' fighter fleet, for example." He looks at Duncan Montana, "And maybe a more immediate intelligence contract If you are interested in… we need someone to establish contact with a neutral third party… well, neutral as of now. But we cannot contact them directly, unless we want to start a spy war.".

"Intelligence falls under Mr. Halleck's department, I am in charge of security. That said how will we be sure this factory will be out of the way of any crossfire? I also wanted to ask, why are you approaching us of all companies, even over ones with established arms industries?" said Montana.

Nazario gasped, "We at the OBU like to be frank: you aren't the only ones we offered this opportunity… in fact, as we speak, the Doges sent a delegation to some of the Old Money families to discuss of weapon shipments.".

He looked at Hutters. "Mr. Hutters, not only do I speak on the good name of the OBU but I speak also on behalf of the League. This is confidential, no one else outside of this room needs to know that the Doges are trading with you… well if you choose to accept this contract. Coming by with the favor of the Doges is rare in Oceania. They extended their favor to you.".

Doges? Well they must be desperate thought Hutters. He asked "So, who will provide the starting capital, and do you have any additional details, about location, and where raw materials and labor can be obtained from?".

"The associate-members of the OBU will provide short-term loans at an affordable rate as starting capital.", Nazario replied, "For raw materials, the Luyran archipelago is rich in diverse ores as well as Uranium, we will provide them to you. Labor will be provided by the locals, we are willing to finance their professional formations in full, if needed.".

Nazario then rook out a map of the archipelago. He showed them the map whilst pointing to the middle of Magna Lyura – the biggest island of the archipelago.

"This are the Trapanese Mountains, inhabited by the Licard people." he said, "Geography may present some difficulty for production and logistics, but it's a necessary evil to avoid the Guild air patrols and the Helicopters of the Ezhtenkers." he said.

He put the map on the table, then grabbed a set of photographs from his briefcase.

He continued, "The factories and workers dorms will be constructed inside the Trapanese Fortifications Network (F2N). A network of inter-connected facilities and caverns built inside the mountains to serve as air and army bases. The raw materials will come by rail, we currently control a portion of the network. The rail ends in Fort Trapanese, but begins in the rebel-controlled town of Kuiveláros.". Nazario then looked at Montana, "Fort Trapanese air wing will provide air cover to the operation. We assess that we can start local production by late Q4 of 2024, early Q1 of 2025 If we start in the coming weeks.".

He turns back to Hutters, "What I am now interested in knowing about is your company's ability to produce weapons in Hartizsák and Furby Island and smuggle them to Luyra. Is there any Furbish based weapons production Mr. Hutters?".

"We have yet to establish any sort of production lines, domestically or abroad." said Hutters, "We certainly can repurpose other factories we have in Tevitheim, we have plans for this, and can potentially smuggle in firearms and ammunition. Armored vehicles however need to be made in the islands themselves, I do not see how they can be smuggled in otherwise. You've mentioned needing fighter jet mechanics too, that is the only thing I am unsure of how to provide considering ours have only ever worked with passenger jets, and I do not see how any of ours would like a transfer to a war torn island. The most we can probably do is provide at least some training to mechanics who can then be deployed to the archipelago.".

"We do have some factory space to start weapons production, at this point the issue would be explaining it in financial statements and to governments. That is to say, not a major problem." said Atkinson.

"Mr. Hutters, this is a rare opportunity that we are given to finally get Project Grizzly into the production stage. Like Mrs. Nesselrode said we can avoid legal issues if we manage anonymous companies right. At this point there is little we have to lose besides the money with those loans and some middle managers." said McCorley.

"Probably the reputational damage too if one of the other agents finds us out and leaks that to the press." said Nesselrode.

Hutters looked at the map, then the documents given by Nazario, and turned his glance back and forth between them.

Montana looked at the map and said "I'm sure we can get an escape route for all our valuable personnel, have a few speedboats hiding out.". He turned to Nazario and said "So how reliant are we going to be on outside groups, for defense and all materials? You also seem confident this investment will pay off, so what makes you certain despite being at the heart of the conflict and rebels controlling part of the rail line the factory will not face rebel attacks, or any sabotage?".

"Well, it's simple: the House holds the cards." Nazario replied, "The rebels are armed and financed by us, the weapons that you'll produce will go to them. About victory, well, the eternals are divided and the Kosilard and Parliament are uniting to oust them. There are rumors that the Rex ordered the assassination of the Ezhtenk Archduke. If this is to be believed, our united front will face a dis-united front. So Mr. Hutters, are you in?".

"We are in." said Hutters confidently. The rest of the people looked at each other, and exchanged some words.

"Mr. Atkinson, this will be under your department, but we are forming a parallel management so we can cover up our involvement." said Hutters.

"Mr. Feuerstein my department requests a budget increase. Again." said Nesselrode.

"So, what is the plane with the fighter jet mechanics you requested for?" said Hutters.

"The Licards are currently operating surplus aircraft from the Air Force and Navy." Nazario said, "Mainly Falconiere Defense airframes: BT-7 Tactical Bombers and FC-17 multi-role fighters. You'd manufacture spare parts and perform maintenance.".

"Like I said, we can send locals here to train them before sending them back to Lyura." said Hutters.

"Then we have all covered." Nazario replied.

He got up and went to shake the hands of Hutters. "Mr. Hutters, it was a pleasure making business with you. Our departments will enter in contact with yours to sort out the details.".

"Thank you for everything." said Hutters.

"I can't help but feel like we're being set up for something." said Halleck after Nazario left.

"What do we have to lose here though?" said Hutters, "They're giving us the money, the land, the resources, and the manpower. We aren't going to make the same mistakes the late Duke and duch*ess did by going there, we can stay at home.".

"I have to say Mr. Hutters, I doubted you when you wanted us to make speedboats, but you were onto something here." said McCorley.

Langager Hall
Hartizsák and Furby Island

Morning, Saturday 22 June 2024

Langager Hall is a large marble building at the waterfront in the borough of Langager, once one of the largest buildings in the city but has since been dwarfed by the many skyscrapers. It still houses a ballroom and several meeting rooms, as well as rooms for other purposes. Built in the 1830s, it had a single purpose, as a meeting place for the 1822 Committee. The 1822 Committee was founded in 1822, originally as a small group of upstart businessmen who wanted a forum to cooperate against the established Old Money families. It has grown since, changing its purpose many times, and now that its member families are Old Money they work to oppose other upstart businessmen, the current New Money.

The building is not used exclusively by the 1822 Committee. On this particular day, Samantha Thiele traveled from Oceania to meet with five prominent Old Money Oligarchs who operate arms manufacturing companies, of which two are part of the committee.

"Ms. Thiele, good morning." said András Földi as he and the other four men sat down at a round table, in one of the building's smaller meeting rooms.

"Good morning gentlemen." replied Samantha. She sat at the table. Thiele is a sergean major of the Ufficio di Sicurezza della Lega (USL) – the Joint Security Office of the League that provided security and intelligence services to the League members. She was dispatched by her superiors to carry out the negotiations with the Furbish military-industrial complex.

The rest of the people there introduced themselves.

"Gentlemen, let's get to business." Thiele said putting her briefcase in front of her on the table. She opened it – it contained documents and pre-written contracts. "Are you brought on speed about the Luyran conflict?" She asked.

The businessmen all shook their heads.

"All we are aware of is some attack happened in the archipelago." said Földi.

"And it's all that you need to know at this stage." coldly replied Thiele, "The League of Commerce is looking to buy vast amounts of small-arms and Munitions at the SAR standard (SAR: Royal Arsenal Standard; standards of the ODF). With the current factories in Oceania being capped out, we are looking for new overseas partners.".

Thiele knew she was lying, the factories were running at 33% of the production capacity. The League, as the rest of its allies, are only interested in plausible deniability. Overseas weapons mean a different serial number which could not be traced directly to an order made by the Houses.

Thiele looked at Földi, "What are the current production capabilities of the Furbish military-industrial complex?" she asked.

"My company has quite a surplus, and we are also able to ramp up production depending on your demands." said Földi.

Márzim Kesildan said "My company can increase production.".

"So can mine." said Maxim Knox. Martijn Beumer and Lindert Paramentier nodded as well.

"Then let's get to details…" Thiele replied. She took papers from her briefcase and checked some figure,. "The League of Commerce is ready to buy 5.56 SAR rounds at 30 cents per round. You will provide transport up to a designated site in Oceania and we will take the merchandise from there up to the Lyuran Archipelago.

She looked at Földi, "The boxes of ammunition will have Furbish serial numbers and serial numbers from other countries to scramble the thread of evidence. Do we have an understanding?".

"All the information will be from whatever country everything is produced, most of our factories are in Tevitheim, some are in other countries." said Knox.

"We are able to transport materials to Lyuria as well on our fleets of small boats. We've ran blockades before." said Földi.

"The League will disavow you if your agents are caught." replied Thiele. "What about anti-tank weapons?".

"Those we have plenty of too." said Földi. The others nodded.

"And our boats, caught by whom?" said Földi, "We can quite literally fly under the radar do deliver anything you will need anywhere in Luyria, for a price of course, and rest assured should they be caught on the off chance they can't be traced to your or us, we will disavow as well.".

Thiele smiled. "Trust me, the Rexguardia will intercept deliveries. Even if it's a 1% chance, if you make 100 deliveries: one of the deliveries is caught and it's enough sh*t hitting the fan to justify an assassination… or worse. Better safe than sorry. Any other objections?".

Földi just nodded. He knew Thiele was hiding a lot of details about the conflict, and he wanted to find out more, but he remembered that to him and the rest of the Oligarchs it did not matter. They were all only in it for the money, and as long as they had customers in Oceania nothing else that happened in the country was of their concern.

At the last question, the men in the room all looked at each other, as if they are waiting for anyone to say something, then Földi said "It appears we have no objections.".

"Then we have a deal," Thiele replied. "A short but comprehensive meeting indeed.".

After the Oligarchs all thanked Thiele and she left the room, Knox said "Should have asked her to stay, I would have paid a few grand for a night.". The rest laughed.

"Not worth it, you can get someone half her age for a lot cheaper too at St. Kristoff street." said Beumer, and the rest laughed harder.

Furby Island Opera House
Hartizsák and Furby Island

Evening, Saturday 22 June 2024

In what was made to look like a chance encounter in reality was a planned meeting, or planned by two of the three parties. It would be the fourth secret meeting to happen this day between Oligarchs, after SSM officer Nazario Santoro’s meeting with Rosegate’s Special Projects Committee, USL sergeant Samantha Thiele’s meeting with several arms manufacturers, and USL captain Tomaso Mazzoleni’s meeting with the eleven Hartizsák Brahmins. This one was in the evening however, and was not to solicit arms for Oceania, taking place the Furby Island Opera House. As the house prepared for an evening performance, Sean Harper took a seat at a balcony near the stage, with his wife Katherine to his left. While Sean waited for the performance to begin, more people slowly poured into the theater. Two men and two women walked into Sean’s row, to the four empty seats to his right, and while Harper stood up for them he immediately recognized all of them, Lucas and Linda Mountbatten, and William Buckingham and his fiancée Kira.

“Ah, Mr. Harper, I did not expect to be seated next to you tonight!” said Lucas.

“Good evening, was not expecting to see you here either. We all got good seats though, eh?” said William.

“Oh, good evening Mr. Mountbatten and Mr. Buckingham, I did not expect to be seated next to the two of you either.” said Sean, more calmly than them.

He was the only one of the three who was truly surprised. Just two weeks ago, William wanted an audience with Sean after a meeting of the Council of Seven, seven Haltorian Calvinist business owners who came from Old Money, or families who were wealthy since before the United Cities gained independence. After speaking with Lucas, William had a plan for the three to meet privately, finding an opportunity at an opera performance the Harpers were going to attend.

After the first act when everyone began to stand up for the intermission, William, who sat directly at Sean’s right, turned to Sean and said “Mr. Harper, we need to talk. Both of us have been wanting an audience with you for a while now.”.

“Of course, what is it?” said Sean, trying his best to not sound annoyed. He turned to Katherine and said “Please find us a table somewhere while I talk to them.”.

“Can we join you there?” said William.

Sean sighed and said “You can. Find us a table for six.”.

The group left the theater, then Katherine walked to a small area where there was tables. Some people were already seated and waiters walked around and began taking orders. Meanwhile Kira and Linda stepped away to the restroom, leaving Sean, William, and Lucas alone in the middle of the floor, with their bodyguards a short distance away. They were accustomed to having these meetings in public places, knowing that no people cared enough to listen in, or even could.

“Mr. Harper, I wanted to talk privately about the meeting two weeks ago.” said William, “Did it not seem to you that Mr. Wellington was acting strange the entire time?”.

“Yes, I guess he was.” said Sean as he looked to the side to some decorations.

William turned to Lucas and shook his head, then to Sean and said “He was the one who tried to assassinate Hutters last month, that’s what I’m trying to get at.”.

Sean stood and thought for a moment, then said “I think you may be right.”.

“‘I think you may be right’? Mr. Harper, I know that you knew he was behind this. Why did you stay silent at the meeting?”.

“Mr. Buckingham, there is no need to attract attention to us by yelling.”. Sean took a deep breath then said softer “If the Seven all knew Wellington was behind this and called him out he would have dragged us all into a war of assassinations. His silence that morning kept us out of it.”.

William then stood silent to think. “You may be right Mr. Harper.” he said, “And I apologize for yelling, but then why did Wellington not say anything, had he known he could have dragged us all in?”.

“No idea, could have been gauging us to see what we all thought, gauge our loyalty, or he knew that no one wants a war of assassins, and just wants to keep everyone he could out of this to not risk anything else.”.

“Whatever the hell he is planning is confusing me now.” said William.

“Must have been confident his plan would’ve worked, he doesn’t get caught by Hutters’ agents, and none of us would have to be involved, but then miscalculated at least one part of it and now is going on damage control.” said Lucas.

“Well heads certainly are rolling at Wellington Security, you don’t need an intelligence agency to figure that all out.” said Sean.

The three began to walk slowly towards the tables, looking for their wives who may have already found a spot. William meanwhile looked around anxiously, then said “So what are we doing about this? Confronting Wellington at tomorrow’s Council meeting?”.

“Mr. Buckingham are you mad? Mr. Nelson and Mr. Somerton both want to assassinate Hutters, a third person will turn them from a pair of loose cannons to forcing the Council’s hand to back them.” said Sean.

“Loose cannon, that would be Wellington.” said William, “He could have gotten all of us into Hutters’ crosshairs.”.

“If Hutters even knows who is behind the attempt on his life.” said Sean.

“Oh of course he knows who is behind it. That flight attendant jumped from Hutters’ own hotel’s window, literally everyone who read the news knew it wasn’t a suicide, except for Haltorian authorities because Hutters figured out how to leave no evidence behind. What I’m trying to get at here is there is no way Hutters’ agents could have killed him off without first finding out who he worked for.” said William.

“Well that would be poor track covering on Wellington’s part if they were able to get out anything useful from the flight attendant.” said Sean.

“But then it would come down to who would benefit, and quite honestly considering Wellington’s company was losing bids to Rosegate for decades at this point, he would be the one who is the angriest. If anything though him thinking this would be worse for all of us, might just assume all of us had something to do with this.”.

“Likely some other companies would be angry at him too.” said Lucas.

“So now he thinks all of Old Money is out for his head, doesn’t make it that much better either, especially if we are now tearing each other apart over this.” said William.

“You may be right.” said Sean. He looked around, thinking about it for a moment. “I’m getting reservations for eight at a restaurant tomorrow, us and our wives along with Mr. Windsor.”.

Lucas and William made their way to a table Katherine found, while Sean stayed behind to make a call. A few minutes later he came by and said “Okay, all of us are going to have lunch with Mr. Windsor tomorrow, I just made a reservation.”. He gave the details, about an hour after the Council of Seven met, at an upscale restaurant.

“That was quick.” said William.

“Easy to get a reservation for whenever I want when I own the restaurant.” said Sean as everyone laughed.

William sat down next to Kira on a limo which drove them to their home, a mansion with gardens on an island where space came at a premium and most people lived in high rise apartments. Both looked outside, even though there was little to see due to the darkness. They then turned to each other, and then looked back outside.

Finally Kira said “That meeting with Mr. Mountbatten and Mr. Harper, you planned it didn’t you?”.

“Yes, I did.” said William.

“Why?” asked Kira.

“After last Council meeting Mr. Mountbatten and I agreed we needed to speak with Mr. Harper, so I said I’d find a time. My agents found an opera performance he was at, found out who was next to him, then paid them off a lot to take their seats. I sent Mr. Mountbatten the tickets and explained everything, and he said ‘Buckingham you son of a bitch I don’t know if that plan is more brilliant or evil. See you there.’, and I replied ‘I’m not sure but you’re right about the first part’. I didn’t expect a meeting with them and Mr. Windsor tomorrow though, but it is welcome. This whole situation is insane and we really need to talk about a lot.”.

“Ah, fair enough. What’s with all of this talk about your mom recently?”.

“Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if she was having an affair with Mr. Wellington. I’d actually be more surprised if she wasn’t, really, even if my agents insist it isn’t the case. She seems to bow to Wellington’s every word, and is in general a manipulative liar, who is trying to guilt trip me into doing all sorts of things for her, somehow matching up with everything Wellington wants. To this day she’s still trying to make me feel bad about sacking my dad from leading Stoughton Bank even though they’re enjoying quite generous retirement benefits. You know this is why I am jealous of New Money and how they’re all the majority shareholders of the companies they lead, so they can do whatever the f*ck they want. Here though I have to fight the board of directors and all the families with controlling stakes, although fabricating scandals or feeding people I want gone false information so they make poor decisions has worked remarkably well.”.

“So I presume this is about Mr. Wellington and Mr. Hutters?”.

“Oh yeah, Wellington is going to try to kill Hutters again, Nelson and Somerton also said they would want to kill Hutters, so the rest of us want to avoid getting caught up in a war of assassins. Seems like no one likes Wellington though, and who could blame them. I don’t need his approval either. He isn’t just a phony, he’s a hypocrite. Getting angry when I have any idea of my own then he tries to f*cking kill someone and get all of us dragged into a war of assassination. Chastising us for doing business with New Money then my agents find him at every single f*cking store owned by Chad f*cking Grosderhan. This is common knowledge too but no one dares bring it up else risk his ire in the next Council meeting, and he thinks he’s better than everyone because his company is valued the highest on the stock exchange.”.

“Ah, Grosderhan. He’s doing quite well owning half the luxury brands in the world, and I’m not surprised the likes of Wellington go there.”.

“Oh it’s not just Arthur Wellington himself, you’ll find every big name in the company there. My agents did.”.

“Seeing what opera concerts people go to, spying on your mom to see if she has an affair, faking sex scandals, spying on people walking into a store, do your agents really not have anything better to do?”.

“Not really.” said William as he laughed, “With that last thing we paid off a few cashiers to keep tabs. Lowest paid full time job, one of the worst full time jobs you can get, they’re all eager to get any extra pay from that. But it’s true, there’s nothing to do unless another war of assassins starts, but better to have a private army that you don’t need than start a war.”.

“I suppose, but I’d get restless if my talents were underutilized like that.”.

“I mean they are some of my highest paid employees and have many great benefits, I think they’re fine.”.

Sean and Katherine, meanwhile, sat in a limo that followed The Buckinghams’ closely, headed for a nearby mansion in the same part of the island.

“Buckingham and Mountbatten definitely planned this meeting.” said Kira just after she bucked her seat belt.

“I know they tracked me down somehow, and I’m glad they did because I really wanted to speak with them and Mr. Windsor, without the rest of the Council.” said Sean.

“Why not?”.

“It’s about Hutters. Project Grizzly his whole plan to get arms for his security forces without any supplier, I was told earlier today there was a massive reorganization in the entire team announced out of nowhere today. Not only that, they removed all my informants from it. I don’t think they expected anyone to see it until Monday morning, but it is huge and sudden.”.

“That is, insane. My first question will be how the hell they found out.”.

“Oh I am wondering too, but I think this was their plan from the beginning. That’s what my analysts told me at least, they feed us information until the time comes to start production, then it’s a massive reorganization. The only other thing I know is it’s going to be spun off into Rosegate Arms not VilhelmArms.”.

Vilhelm, the kind Trondheimer inn owner, has been the mascot and face of many of Rosegate’s subsidiaries created for budget conscious tourists, and will likely stay that way despite memes circulating about him killing his guests, after a flight attendant who sabotaged a plane Hutters was meant to fly on fell from a Vilhelm Hotel window. This brand was created by the company to differentiate from other brands, particularly the name Rosegate itself which is known for more higher quality goods.

“You’ve told me enough about it, but why wait now to start weapons production?” said Katherine.

“The whole idea was so that should a war of assassins break out, Rosegate security forces will still get a supplier, and can’t be cut off from supplies. And it looks like a war of assassins began, and Rosegate has a target, and now are mass producing guns.” said Sean, “We need to discuss our move with the Council, but Mr. Somerton and Mr. Nelson are loose cannons, I would have pinned the assassination attempt on one of them had Mr. Wellington not acted so strangely in the meeting two weeks ago. The three of them lost my trust that day, they can do what they want but this needs a coordinated response.”.

“I think it would be better to share this information with the entire Council. More manpower can assist, and we can stop Mr. Nelson and Mr. Somerton and Mr. Wellington from doing anything stupid.” replied Katherine.

“What I fear is they do something stupid if we give them all of this information. They want to take out Hutters and will gladly force the entire Council into this fight, especially Wellington. Myself, Mr. Buckingham, Mr. Mountbatten, and Mr. Windsor are all in agreement that we do not want to be part of anything, so we are staying out of everything.”.

“You are right, better not get caught in the crossfire here.”.

Lucas’ and Linda’s limousine followed the other two, also driving to their own mansion. Linda too asked how accidental the meeting was, and Lucas explained their plan and why they wanted a meeting, and the dialogue.

“Mr. Buckingham is still getting into fights with his mom years later?” said Linda.

“I don’t blame him considering she is still trying to get involved in company affairs despite her and her husband’s forced retirement. She’s still doing whatever Mr. Wellington wants, and I’m betting half my company shares they have an affair going on.” said Lucas.

“That seems like the common rumor everywhere.”.

“Oh yeah it is, not sure how true it is but every person in every First Family company knows it, even Mr. Wellington’s, and he hopes to let it die by not acknowledging it. But Wellington, he’s so stuck up, thinking he’s in charge of the Seven. Both Mr. Somerton, Mr. Nelson, and Mr. Harper all want to be the one in charge, and all three are doing stupid things to get everyone’s attention but only Mr. Harper is slightly less stupid. Then there’s Mr. Buckingham, he is desperate to prove himself to the Seven. I don’t blame him, he wants to be treated as an equal but is treated poorly because he’s the youngest person on, I too was in his situation. He is in denial about that though and sure he may be the reasonable one now but he’s also going to do something stupid. It’s going to be a mess at the meeting tomorrow.”.

“Ah I can imagine. How’s he doing with Hutters by the way?”.

“Ah, Floris Hutters. Buckingham sees him as a potential ally, and I know despite dissuading him he’s going to reach out. We can’t have that. People like Hutters work better on an assembly line floor than at the head of their own business.”.

“I agree completely here. New Money businesses can’t do anything right, always somehow f*ck up the lawn or my dress or can’t make good furniture- ah nevermind.”.

“I was dissuaded from doing anything stupid by my executives. Yet in Mr. Buckingham’s case, he purged many who were loyal to other members of his family, who sucked up to Mr. Wellington, which I do not blame him for, but what I fear is that Buckingham goes bolder then starts purging everyone who tries to dissuade him for thinking they got paid off by Wellington, then his company is led by incompetent yesmen while he goes off the deep end. I don’t know if his executives now realize he wants to speak with Hutters, and what he will do next. I’ve tried to talk him out of it too but he clearly doesn’t want to listen to me when this topic comes up.”.

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