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There's no better choice than Lake Charles, often called "The Lake Area," for those looking at homes for sale in the Bayou State. Though the city is on the banks of the Calcasieu River, it is close to several lakes, including Lake Charles, Prien Lake, Moss Lake, Black Lake, and the larger Calcasieu Lake situated directly south.

With an area of 48.6 square miles and home to nearly 85K people, Lake Charles is the fifth-largest city in Louisiana and the second largest in the Acadiana region. It is well regarded for its Cajun culture with a Texas twist. Lake Charles provides its residents with plenty of festivals, beautiful historic districts, and a lively music scene. Some family-friendly activities and events include movie theaters, trampoline parks, playgrounds, escape rooms, and bowling alleys.

Lake Charles boasts a thriving economy with many opportunities for culture and education. The port of Lake Charles is the twelfth-busiest port in the country and the leading city employer. The city's gaming industry has made it famous as "the capital of Louisiana gaming." Hence, casinos are a significant tourist draw and revenue source, with several large resort casinos located downtown and in Westlake. Thanks to McNeese State University and Sowela Technical Community College, Lake Charles gets a fresh youth injection every year.

Lake Charles LA Real Estate Market

Lake Charles, LA Homes For Sale

Lake Charles, LA houses for sale represent one of the more valuable slices of Louisiana real estate in general. The median price for a single-family home for sale in Lake Charles is $375K, while the state average is closer to $200K. Lake Charles, LA houses for sale were built across a span of 50 years, with just as many newer construction homes as older. Most houses are either long, low ranch style homes, or more compact four-square houses.

Lake Charles homes for sale are perfect for first time homebuyers and growing families, as most homes feature 3-4 bedrooms. Some of the highest value homes are in the southwest corner of the city by Lake Prien. These properties list for upwards of $1.2M and feature four or more bedrooms and a distinctive French air. Let’s go into more detail about some of the most popular places to live in Lake Charles, LA.

Lake Charles Neighborhood Sampler

Central Lake Charles

Central Lake Charles is a solid mix of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, giving this neighborhood a truly “lived-in” working class feel. Everyone’s going somewhere in Central Lake Charles. Most Central Lake Charles homes for sale list between $100K and $200K, with renovated homes listing for higher in the $300K range. Local schools include Pearly Watson Elementary School, Barbe Elementary School, and Thomas S Cooley Elementary School.

Southwest Lake Charles

Most of the newer, high value homes for sale in Lake Charles, LA are down in the southwest corner of the city. Bound by Prien Lake, Southwest Lake Charles has a greener, almost resort feel to it. Waterfront homes usually have a dock on the lake and there are several golf courses to enjoy nearby. These Lake Charles houses for sale usually sell for between $600K and $1M, and near schools like St. John Elementary School and Prien Lake Elementary School.

East Lake Charles

This neighborhood is a classic suburban/residential area. Populated with small single-story homes along quiet low traffic streets, East Lakes Charles homes for sale are affordable, going for between $100K and $150K typically. Local schools include J.F. Kennedy Elementary School and T.H. Watkins Elementary School.

Distance to Major Cities From Lake Charles

  • 60 miles to Beaumont, TX
  • 75 miles to Lafayette, LA
  • 126 miles to Baton Rouge, LA
  • 143 miles to Houston, TX
  • 206 miles to New Orleans, LA

Schools in Lake Charles LA

The Calcasieu Parish Public School System operates within the entire parish and has 32 campuses that serve the homes for sale in Lake Charles proper. These are the top-rated high schools in Lake Charles, all of which have been recognized for the ability to prepare students for college.

  • Sam Houston High School - Located is Moss Bluff
  • Grand Lake High School - Located south of Lake Charles city limits
  • Alfred M. Barbe High School - Located near Prien

Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Charles, LA

What is the zip code for Lake Charles homes for sale?

Homes for sale in Lake Charles fall under several zip codes:

70601 | 70605 | 70607 | 70611 | 70615 | 70647 | 70657

What Parish are Lake Charles homes for sale in?

Lake Charles homes for sale are located in Calcasieu Parish.

Where is the nearest airport to Lake Charles homes for sale?

The Chennault International Airport is about five miles or 15 minutes east of Lake Charles, LA.

How far is Houston from Lake Charles, Louisiana?

Houston, TX, is about 143 miles or roughly two-and-a-half hours from Lake Charles, LA.

Is Lake Charles, Louisiana a nice place to live?

According to, Lake Charles is one of the best places to live in Calcasieu Parish. People are drawn to the homes for sale in Lake Charles for the city’s lively atmosphere, diversity, job opportunities, and outdoor activities.

Can you swim in Lake Charles, Louisiana?

The Lake Charles North Beach is a popular place for waterfront activities as its home to the only white sand inland beach off the Gulf Coast. Generally, swimming in Lake Charles is safe, but it’s best to check the most recent report from the Louisiana Department of Health to see what beaches are safe to swim in as sometimes they can be closed or have swim advisories for bacteria in the water.

Things to Do in Lake Charles LA

Recreation in Lake Charles, Louisiana

When people think about entertainment in Louisiana, they likely think of New Orleans, but Lake Charles knows how to have fun and entertain too. Whether it’s putting your thinking skills to the test at Bayou Escape Rooms, catching a movie at one of the Cinemark movie theaters, or burning off some energy at Altitude Trampoline Park, there’s always something to do in Lake Charles. Not to mention, Lake Charles is home to two resort-style Casinos!

  • L’Auberge du Lac - This casino has nearly 1,000 hotel rooms, a spa, a golf course, and more!
  • Golden Nugget - Located near L’Auberge du Lac, this casino has 740 guest rooms, a golf course, retail space, a private beach, and a marina!

Shopping and Dining in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Whether you’re looking for a place to eat on date night or you’re wanting to spend the day shopping, you can do it all if you reside in a Lake Charles home for sale. There are several shops and restaurants peppered throughout the city, but the Prien Lake Mall is the place to go for chain stores and dining options. Other popular shopping hubs in Lake Charles are:

  • Prien Lake Plaza
  • Southgate Shopping Center
  • Lake Charles Power Center
  • Magnolia Square

Living in Lake Charles LA

Cost of Living in Lake Charles, Louisiana

The overall cost of living in Lake Charles is 3.5% less than the state average and is 16.6% less than the national average. If you buy one of the homes for sale in Lake Charles, you’ll likely pay less for transportation, about the same for housing, utilities, and groceries, and a little more for healthcare. The median household income in Lake Charles is $44,785.

Jobs in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles’ economy is centered around the oil industry and manufacturing, retail, and entertainment (casinos). Due to Lake Charles’ location along the Calcasieu Ship Channel and the Trunkline liquified natural gas terminal, there are several oil refineries and petrochemical plants operating here. Some of the biggest oil companies in Lake Charles are:

  • Westlake Chemical Corporation
  • Citgo
  • PPG Industries
  • Phillips 66
  • Sasol
  • W. R. Grace

Lake Charles is Louisiana’s biggest casino hub with two massive casino resorts and several other casino resorts in the neighboring cities of Westlake, Vinton, and Kinder, LA. The casino resorts in Lake Charles are:

  • L’Auberge du Lac
  • Golden Nugget

Transportation in Lake Charles, Louisiana

The primary means of transportation in Lake Charles is by vehicle. Despite Lake Charles’ location on the banks of Lake Charles, Lake Prien, and the Calcasieu River, its road system was developed into a simple grid system. There are two major roadways near the homes for sale in Lake Charles that make travel in and around the city convenient for residents.

  • I-10 - Flows east and west through the north end of Lake Charles
  • I-210 - Functions as a loop around the east and south sides of Lake Charles, which also connects to I-10 just outside of the city limits to the east and west.

Lake Charles also has a transit system (Lake Charles Transit) that operates five bus routes throughout the city.

Medical Access in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Residents living in Lake Charles homes for sale not only have close access to medical care, but they also have options. There are several hospitals near homes in Lake Charles making access to medical care convenient. The major hospitals in Lake Charles include:

  • CHRISTUS Ochsner Lake Area Hospital
  • Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
  • CHRISTUS Ochsner St. Patrick Hospital
  • Avail Hospital Lake Charles

Weather in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Located only 30 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Charles is one of the most-humid cities in the U.S. -tied with Port Aruthor, TX, and Astoria, OR. The humidity in Lake Charles, LA, averages about 90% in the mornings and drops to about 72% by the afternoons. For owners of homes for sale in Lake Charles, summers are hot and muggy with the average high temperature being about 93°F in August. Winters are mild with the average low temperature dipping to 43°F in January.

Homes For Sale In Lake Charles, LA - eXp Realty® (2024)
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